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  1. Everything should have an API: adventures in trying to automate stuff

    Inspired by Robb Knight I want to build my own /now page. As a teen I used to use PHPCurrently on my personal website to list what I was listening to, thinking, feeling, even what my MSN display picture was. Here's an objectively terrible screenshot from peak Evanescence phase, circa 2004.

    A screenshot from an old website. It's a list of statistics about what I'm doing. It says 'Currently:
MSN display picture: Amy in a pink dress, with lyrics from Missing.
date: 11th June.
thinking: no more exams!!!!
wearing: bathrobe.
makeup: none.
jewellery: none.
hair: loose.
MSN screenname: Grammar Nazi.
time: 11:30.
feeling: amused.
eating: raisin wheats.
drinking: nothing.
surfing: this thread on AGF. you may need this (link) for some of it.
IMing: no-one.
hating: spelling, grammar and punctuation ignorance.
Powered by PHPCurrently.
    I have grown up a bit since then, thankfully.

    And just as Robb did, I want to automate as much of it as I possibly could. No matter how many apps I try for tracking books, games, TV etc., I always forget to actually update them. Everything I do requires a sign-in these days, and it's all internet based, so why shouldn't I be able to automatically generate a page based on the data these companies have on me?

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