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A good recipe: Smitten Kitchen's apple pie cookies

A close-up of golden apple pie-shaped cookies, glossy from an egg wash, sprinkled with sugar crystals.

If I need to impress, or bribe people to like me, I make these cookies. A shortcrust pastry/biscuit dough hybrid case with appley-cinnamony goodness inside, packaged in an adorable pie shape.

The process is a little involved, but they're flaky and delicious (and often gone in an instant). I first made them over a decade ago and it's still one of my go-to recipes.

See the full recipe over at Smitten Kitchen.



  1. Apple Annie :prami: Apple Annie :prami:
    @sophie I do this too. I started adding a little blurb at the top in case a recipe's creator gets upset or wants to sue me for "reprinting" or "distributing". Even though I use Paprika, sometimes my blog just feels cleaner and easier to read when I'm cooking/baking.
  2. Sophie Sophie
    come for the post about Content-Security-Policy headers, stay for the Blue Peter brownie recipe from the early 2000s
  3. Frank Meeuwsen Frank Meeuwsen
    @sophie Now I need to make these apple pie cookies! They look delicious! And I love love love your theme-switcher. I want this when I grow up.
  4. Sally Lait Sally Lait
    @sophie Goddamn it I obviously should have been more coy with my thinking you were cool, and then maybe I could have been bribed
  5. Sophie Sophie
    @ravigupta hmm! Should be XML, maybe safari just doesn’t render the tags?
  6. Ryan Elainska Ryan Elainska
    @sophie Was this hard to do with Eleventy? My current way of generating my 4000+ page site is… uh, not great. But I went super-custom because I didn’t think one of the popular site generators would do this.