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All Day Hey 2024, and some stuff I bought in Leeds

Sophie Koonin

First conference of the year is done, and what a conference it was! I begged Josh to let me speak at All Day Hey in 2022, and he promised me a slot in 2024 which at the time seemed forever away. As seems to happen a lot now, I blinked and it was just around the corner.

It was the first outing for my new talk on technical migrations, and I'm really pleased with how it went. If you missed All Day Hey, you'll be able to catch it at Pixel Pioneers in June, and Smashing Freiburg in September.

I'm not going to write a whole recap of the conference because I am absolutely thoroughly exhausted, but it was obviously brilliant and you should definitely go next year. Top tier lovely vibes.

Yesterday morning before my train home I had a mooch around the Corn Exchange with Carol. We popped in to the lovely bookshop Colours May Vary where I picked up a copy of Gardener's Folklore, originally published in 1976. I'm looking forward to leafing through that and perhaps even picking out some useful tips among the absolutely batshit suggestions and stories.

A collection of new purchases on a desk: a coaster featuring an opossum that says 'Due to personal reasons aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'; an iron-on patch featuring Lisa Simpson pointing and saying 'The whole damn system is wrong!'; a pin badge of Gudetama being lazy and lying down; a heart-shaped pin badge featuring Skeletor that says 'Live Laugh Love'; a pin badge with a toadstool, a frog, and phases of the moon that says 'see the magic'; and a square print of a caterpillar wearing a beret in front of a computer with the caption 'I do not care, I will write whatever I want and post it online'.

We got lured in to Giant Kitten by a glass cabinet full of pin badges, and I picked up a few excellent ones to add to my collection along with a great patch and a coaster. My favourite is the Skeletor one, I'm obsessed. I also got this really lovely print by Clarice Tudor which for me completely and utterly sums up the beauty of personal websites.

Highly relatable coaster by Betiobca; magic pin by Wildflower and is not that kind of magic; my soulmate Gudetama pin from PunkyPins. Skeletor pin and Lisa patch seem to have lots of versions on the internet.


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