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Good links: 21 January 2024

Sophie Koonin
  • The Internet Is Full of AI Dogshit - Aftermath - How AI-generated content is ruining search engines for everyone.
  • Exposed RSS - I get sites not having an “RSS” for “Feed” link on their website while actually having an RSS feed. I don’t like it, but I get it. Maybe they picked an off-the-shelf t…
  • You should blog | keith.is - Keith calls out for folks to make this the year of blogging about whatever the hell you want. He’s suggested some great places to get started!
  • Layers of context. - Will Larson on the importance of thinking outside of your immediate context: why a change that seems like a great idea may not be so well received elsewhere in the organisation, and how you can get a better radar for these things.
  • Kind of annoyed at React - Cassidy Williams shares her frustrations about React, echoing some of the things I’ve been feeling recently.
  • SVG Filter Maker - SVGFM, a node graph builder for SVG filters
  • Sharing links - Hidde's posted about sharing links on his own blog as well - great minds think alike!



  1. Sophie
    Def forgot to add a custom description for the link to Chris Coyier’s post though…