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Introducing separate category RSS feeds

Sophie Koonin

Recently I've been inspired by folks like Michelle Barker and Amy Hupe doing National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo!), and seeing folks writing down little thoughts and things they've encountered. I'm absolutely not doing NaBloPoMo, I am far too tired, but I thought I'd make it easier for myself to write things down a bit more often than once every three to six months.

I've introduced some new categories to my blog, where I can share things like books, games and podcasts I've enjoyed recently, and recipes I love. I figured that having these little bites to post occasionally might spur me to write a bit more often. However, I know people won't necessarily want to read all of those things if they subscribe to my RSS feed. I also have very specific categories in my own RSS reader, so I wanted to make sure people can only subscribe to the things that interest them. So I built separate RSS feeds!

My site's main feed still contains everything, but if you don't want the occasional brownie recipe with your accessibility rants, you can subscribe to my "articles" feed which only has my writings and rantings. If you want to get a podcast recommendation now and then, the "podcasts" feed is for you. The new feeds are a bit quiet at the moment, but will pick up as I post more!

I'm writing up how I built it, but for now you can pick your favourite feeds on the RSS page.


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