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New keyboard alert! Mykeyclub MKC75

Sophie Koonin

Say hello to the Mykeyclub MKC75!

The keyboard on a white desk. It has a pastel purple case, and white keys with pastel coloured accents: a purple CMD key, a blue alt key, and a green ISO enter key. The F-key row are all pastel coloured fruits. On the top right is an iridescent purple knob.

It's so pretty! This is going to be my new office keyboard. Weighted aluminium case, so nice and heavy without too much rattle. It's got a rotary encoder (that's a knob to you and me) which controls the system volume (I look forward to forgetting it's there).

The keyboard with no keycaps on, showing the switches underneath. They have pastel purple housing with pastel pink, yellow and blue stems

I put in Dangkeebs HaluHalo linear switches which I got from SerpentKeys. They're a tiny bit louder than reds, but not much. I've recently discovered how dreamy lubricated switches are, although the process of lubing switches takes fucking forever – it took me at least 2 episodes of Fallout and several episodes of Kin – but typing on them is just delightful.


No mentions yet... it's so quiet...