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Upcoming talk: All Day Hey, Leeds - 2nd May 2024

Sophie Koonin

Two years after All Day Hey made me realise I missed the web, I'm really excited to be speaking there myself! I'll be talking about technical migrations – how we recently pulled off a Typescript migration at Monzo, and things you should consider when doing a migration yourself.

And what a line up - my good pals Hidde and Ana, plus UX whiz Imran Afzal, and two of my lovely Monzo colleagues Heldiney and Giorgio. It's a complete coincidence we ended up speaking at the same conference! I've spoken alongside Heldiney once before, at UX London 2022 – he was just brilliant.

All Day Hey is certified good vibes throughout, PLUS it's in a cinema that has sofas instead of cinema seats. SOFAS. It's not long to go now so make sure you've got your ticket!

All Day Hey 2024

The poster for All Day Hey. 09:00-17:00 BST, Thursday 2nd May 2024, Everyman Cinema, Leeds. Sophie Koonin (Monzo), Hidde de Vries, Phil Hawksworth (Netlify), Heldiney Pereira & Giorgio Baglioni (Monzo), Ana Rodrigues (Hactar), Imran Afzal (Co-op). All Day Hey! 2024. heypresents.com/conference


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