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I got bitten by the mechanical keyboard bug! Here's my collection...

KBDFans Tofu65

The KBDFans Tofu65 keyboard with black aluminium case. Its keycaps are purple and black, and the alpha key legends have a gradient from turquoise to peach. It is in Mac ISO layout with a split left shift.

Absolutely obsessed with this keyboard. It's heavy, which means a lot of the sound is absorbed. Keyboards for me are about the look and feel, not the sound - so it's red switches all the way! I would be quite happy using this in an office.

Right now it's wearing Mintlodica DSA Magic Girl keycaps, but I'm waiting for the KAT Space Dust group buy to ship!

ikki68 Aurora x Dreamscape

The ikki68 Aurora keyboard with white and pastel purple polycarbonate case. Most of the keys are off-white, the escape and pg up/pg down/home/end keys are pastel coloured with fruit legends. It is in Mac ISO layout with a split left shift.
I got this as part of the Dreamscape group buy as I wanted a light-coloured keyboard - how could I resist those colours?? It's a polycarbonate base, so a bit louder than my Tofu even with silicone dampeners. I put o-rings on the keys which helped a bit. It's wearing DSA Milkshake - the first keyset I fell in love with, and was very excited to get my hands on when it was rerun in 2021.

keeb.io BDN9 rev. 2

An angled view of the BDN9 macropad. It is a black square with two rotary knobs at the top, and 7 keys that are pastel coloured with fruit legends. There is a green cable plugged into it.
I use the rotary encoder as a volume control knob, but I haven't quite got round to finding a good use for the rest of the keys! I thought it would be useful for shortcuts in Logic, but old habits die hard and I still use the mouse a lot. It was a good starting project to get to grips with soldering, though. It's wearing some novelties from DSA Milkshake.