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Links & blogroll

Lovely things

  • The Yesterweb - A monument to everything I love(d) about the internet, and a movement to reclaim that lost creativity and independence. I've tried to encompass some of that spirit in this website. They publish a zine which is a delight to read.
  • The Useless Web - remember when the internet was pointless?

Useful things

  • omg.lol - a cute set of tools including a homepage (yourname.omg.lol), email (yourname@omg.lol) forwarding, pastebin (paste.lol), url shortener (url.lol) and Mastodon instance (social.lol).
  • Neocities - a free web host supporting creative personal websites
  • CSS Utopia - generate type and spacing scales without breakpoints
  • Modern CSS - modern CSS solutions for old problems
  • Every Layout - loads of excellent layout primitives, and not a breakpoint in sight.
  • Tiny Helpers - little tools for web developers
  • Compute Cuter - how to make your computer as cute as can be!