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Posts tagged "advice"

  1. Start at the beginning: the importance of learning the basics

    If you're an early-career developer, Twitter is overflowing with people tweeting great tips -- and some absolute rubbish -- about how to improve your skills and become better at your job. I've spoken to more than a few people who've asked me, "how should I start?". And I tell everyone the same thing: learn the basics.

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  2. Questions to ask at an engineering interview

    Tech job interviews are often different flavours of the same thing, regardless of where you apply. Interviewers are likely to ask you questions about your experiences, perhaps a hypothetical question about what you might do in a certain situation, or delve into some of the how-it-works stuff under the hood of whatever programming language you'll be using. However, there's one question that you can guarantee will come up: 'Do you have any questions for us?'

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