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I love public speaking, so if you’d like me to speak at your meetup or conference please send me an email!

Some of the things I like to talk about include:

  • The independent web and creativity
  • Building accessible and inclusive web applications
  • How to write great documentation, clear product copy, and teach technical concepts
  • Fun web things I've built
Sophie on stage at ffconf 2022 talking about people's personal websites
On stage at ffconf 2022. Photo: Remy Sharp

Upcoming events

Talk history


Some of the events I've spoken at in the past include:

  • All Day Hey! 2024
  • Front Conference Zurich 2023
  • CSS Day Amsterdam 2023
  • Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2023
  • Middlesbrough Frontend 2023
  • ffconf 2022
  • State of the Browser 2022
  • FullStack eXchange 2022
  • UX London 2022
  • JSConf EU 2019 (Community Stage)
  • GDG Devfest 2021
  • Next.js Conf 2020
  • JSCamp 2021
  • JSConf IN 2021
  • CityJS London 2022
  • BeJS Conf 2022
  • WeyWeyWeb 2022

I've spoken about:

I'm always happy to present one of these talks, or we can chat about themes you'd be interested in. Get in touch!